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[tor-talk] (no subject)

Dear Tor developers,

I am sorry to ask such a basic question but I am confused by
whether I should have the Tor browser set to;
a. Temporary allow this page
b. Revoke Temporary Permissions
c. allow scripts globally

After I downloaded the Tor's browser a few days ago it was working perfectly
but I did not notice after the download which of the three settings above
was set.

Today I perhaps made the error of changing the setting to revoke temporary
permissions, but after I did this an encrypted email website I just began
to use stated that it would not allow access because JavaScript needed to

After changing the setting to "Temporary allow this page" then I could
again access email in one encrypted email service.  However now I can no
longer access another encrypted email service (an impressive one)which has
been working perfectly for me for weeks.

So please inform me which setting I should be using.  (Or alternatively I
could delete the Tor browser and just install it again to see the initial

Also, I thought it would be helpful to forward some important information
I just encountered today.  Please read the ARS Technica article at the
link below.  I found this by way of a Reddit thread.


Tor is a tremendous service and everyone certainly appreciates your
diligent efforts.

Thank you and I am looking forward to your assistance.

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