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Re: [tor-talk] Using SDR

On 2/3/16, Jeremy Rennicks <jwr4@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Would it be worthwhile or feasible to route Tor traffic through SDR.. For
> example if I were a node on Tor and data came to my system would routing it
> through my SDR to another system then back over the ISP backbone add
> anonymity or be of any use?

where i have wanted SDR most is for wide area digital broadcast of Tor
consensus, for example, along with extended descriptor information,
perhaps over DVB-T bands adopted for the purpose (like the Sweedish

in terms of observability, it may actually be worse to use SDR links
unless they also provide strong authenticity and privacy guarantees at
the physical layer - WirelessWarrior discusses this in talks and

an interesting idea, even if not near-term practical :)

best regards,
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