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[tor-talk] TB 5.5 for OpenBSD

The Tor BSD Diversity Project just released Tor Browser version 5.5 for
OpenBSD/amd64. For those interested in running it, you need a very
recent -current (snapshot) of OpenBSD/amd64.

Here's the official announce:

TDP Announce for Tor Browser 5.5 for OpenBSD
The Tor BSD Diversity Project

The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP) is proud to announce the release of
Tor Browser (TB) version 5.5 for OpenBSD. Please note that this version
of TB remains in development mode, and is not meant to ensure strong
privacy, anonymity or security.

TDP (https://torbsd.github.io) is an effort to extend the use of the BSD
Unixes into the Tor ecosystem, from the desktop to the network.

The 5.5 version is the eighth Tor Browser release from TDP.

To install TB for OpenBSD, please see

TDP is focused on diversifying the Tor network, with TB being the
flagship project. Additional efforts are made to increase the number of
*BSD relays on the Tor network among other sub-projects.

TDP's source code repository resides at http://github.com/torbsd/

TDP is seeking funding to continue and extend its efforts. Please
contact us if interested in assisting TDP, allowing us to dedicate more
time to the project.

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