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[tor-talk] A possible way to make end-users to contribute to Tor exit traffic


i was thinking about the value of of being able to setup Tor Exit relay
that are non-abuse generating, limiting the risks, problems and
(partially) liability of a Tor relay operator, while still pumping a lot
of traffic out of the Tor network.

Being able to contribute to the Tor network, without all the risks and
the burden of getting hit by frequent abuse emails triggering your ISP
to take your internet connection / server down, would be an amazing
things for Tor, enlarging the base of volounteers that could be help Tor

That would be an amazing major step forward for the Tor network support!

It would enable the possibility to have the end-users, running the Tor
Browsers, to click "Contribute to Tor network", then picking the
destination they do want to allow (that are not-abuse-generating) among
the top 30 traffic destinations.

Those can be dynamically measured by the network, by leveraging
AS-awareness (es: Google's 17 AS maybe just represented as "Google").

Those could enable "crowdsourcing" for offloading the top destinations
(that are very likely not-abuse generating) among the end-users, leaving
more capacity to the Tor Exit relays that are capable, knowledgable and
organized to run Tor Exit relays (that's the current network of Tor
Relay operators).

Below for example some likely high traffic destinations amount of AS
numbers per destinations:
Google (17 AS)
Facebook (1 AS)
Twitter (3 AS)
Microsoft (28 AS)
Yahoo (59 AS)
Wikipedia (3 AS)
Linkedin (9 AS)
Github (1 AS)
Cloudflare (5 AS)

That would require as a building block a feature to enable Exit policy
awareness, to define exit traffic.

I opened a bunch of tickets as a brain dump around those possible scenarios:

Enable Exit Policy by Autonomous System Numbers

Make Tor aware of the top-30 destinations of Tor Exit traffic

Enable TorBrowser users to become "easy to be run" Tor Exit relay

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)
HERMES - Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
http://logioshermes.org - https://globaleaks.org - https://tor2web.org -
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