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[tor-talk] Internet of Onion Things and the OnionCam

I have been working on some ideas about using Tor to improve the state
of inter-connectivity, authentication, confidentiality of so-called
"Internet of Things" devices. The link below is to a rough draft of a
presentation I gave yesterday to start hashing out these ideas in a more
public way. It also includes instructions on how, using Orbot and any
Android device with a camera, you can build your very own private hidden
service-based "OnionCam" setup. It works surprisingly well.


My hope is that we can promote Tor as a very real answer to the need to
connect all these things in a safe and secure way, that doesn't rely on
exposing ports via NAT or depend on syncing data to a cloud.

For a related topic, see Yawnbox's "Create an anonymous document drop
with any Android" post:

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