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Re: [tor-talk] Changing the metrics

On 2/11/16, Paul Templeton <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just a question - is it bad if you change the metrics on the Tor network,
> that is if I run an exit node but send some of the web request (not Tor
> data) via a different gateway would you exit node get a bad exit node? It

No. Many nodes route their exit traffic out some address other
than their OR IP, knowingly or not, and still retain the exit flag.

> would make it harder to measure the traffic as parts of it would disappear
> to anyone monitoring you exit node.

Well, plaintext wouldn't be visible if you buried it in a VPN to
some remote gateway, but that's about it.
It also makes it harder for censors to block Tor users of the exits
because the exit IP often won't show up in various RBL/DNS lists
populated via the consensus alone.
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