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Re: [tor-talk] Not able to download Tor to droid

Still have not been able to download F-Droid and Orbot. How do I enable Downloads to keep running and not immediately shut itself off after being enabled? Without being able to download and install Orbot, the RCA Tablet is no more than a paperweight. Do any of you know of any highly qualified list servers for droid users? This apparently is a droid problem. After using Tor for years in Windows, it's hard to believe it's so difficult to download this software to a tablet. -- If it's not easily downloadable and installable, many would-be users will simply walk away. So far, the $125 for the tablet seems to be a waste of money. Is useless without Tor. Has certainly wasted quite a bit of time. Not ready, however, to give up. Will have to thoroughly learn the droid operating system. Again, appreciate all the responses. libertyinperil
Subject:           Re: [tor-talk] Not able to download Tor to droid
From:           libertyinperil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date:           Tue, February 9, 2016 10:05 pm
To:           tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I enabled Downloads on the droid tablet.  When I went to launch it, the
operating system remarked Downloads stopped running. How do I enable it?
Apparently, this may be why I cannot download F-Droid and Orbot.  Any
ideas? libertyinperil
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