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Re: [tor-talk] Which webmail providers are Tor friendly.

Please see below for a couple of questions. Thanks for your input.

Sigaint.org is an excellent option. Their onion mailservers peer with
some of the other onion mailservers. And they have a clearnet gateway,
unlike many of the other other onion mailservers. But users can only
access their onion mailserver and webmail.

What do you mean by onion mailservers peering with other onion mailservers?

There are many onion mail services that don't talk with clearnet
mailservers. In particular, there are at least 30 OnionMail servers, and
a script is available for creating one.

What do you mean by these 30 onion mailservers. Presumably they are .onion webmail providers? Are they public? Can anyone use them?
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