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Re: [tor-talk] automatic Tor browser updates

On 2016-02-14 13:02, Cain Ungothep wrote:
For those who wish to update manually, is it sufficient to toggle
app.update.auto in about:config to false?

Seems so. You will still be prompted to update through the MAR system,
but it won't happen automatically.

Today I discovered that TBB 5.5.2 automatically downloaded. That hasn't
happened before. Normally I am prompted and manually download the tar
bundle with the signature file which I check with gpg --verify.

I'm confused as to why this time I received an automatic download. Any

Are you sure the preference was set? Maybe the tarball contents overwrote the
file where your custom preferences where stored?

If you can reproduce it then file a bug.

I have never set any such custom preferences. Usually TBB would notify me via a message in Firefox that a new version was available. This time I got a separate pop-up telling me that the latest version had already been downloaded.
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