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Re: [tor-talk] Easier download via email?

On 15/02/16 06:33, rizzo wrote:
> Hi all,


> Also, when I once tried the email bot, the only option was to be sent
> a download link to Dropbox, which isn't of much use when Dropbox is
> also blocked in the country. Has there been any discussion on using
> Amazon or Azure servers instead, following the same rationale like the
> meek bridges?

When did you try this? We currently send links to download Tor Browser
from three providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Github*. As Griffin
said, finding new providers is not an easy task, and we are constantly
looking for new options (we would love to hear more ideas!)

Also, you can get Tor Browser localized for the following languages
(sending "linux", "osx" or "windows" in the body of the message):

  Farsi: gettor+fa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Chinese: gettor+zh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Turkish: gettor+tr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  English (default): gettor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Please note that the email content has not been translated yet.)

There are various changes done in GetTor during the past months. We will
soon announce all the new features, so stay tuned!

* Although the links sent have 'github.com' in the URL, the actual
download is performed from amazon servers.


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