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Re: [tor-talk] Bad exit/bad relay list

Great! Thnks

Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> skrev: (18 februari 2016 00:45:32 CET)
>On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 12:36:53AM +0100, Flipchan wrote:
>> Does anyone have or know where i can find a list with bad
>There aren't great resources for this I think.
>The simple answer is that you can look at your cached consensus file,
>and the ones labelled BadExit are the bad exits, and the ones that are
>missing (ha) are the bad relays.
>If you want a way to visualize the consensus plus the votes that went
>into it, check out
>(warning, it's a huge page)
>For a while it looks like somebody was maintaining
>But ultimately this is a really crummy arms race to play, and while I'm
>a fan of transparency for most development, it ends up making things
>too asymmetric in the wrong direction in this case:
>As for reporting bad relays, see
>Hope this helps,
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Sincerly Flipchan
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