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Re: [tor-talk] Is it possible to use Tor without showing a Tor IP to the destination?

> IP, then Tor, then VPN?

You can use VPN over tor, which offers more IP stack utility for apps
than tcp tor.

For this you will also likely want to bug OpenVPN people to add a
SOCKS5 socksport to their openvpn client so you can do narrow /
parallel app usage among tor / clearnet / vpn more easily instead of
giving all 0/0 or some unpredictable IP range you dig up over to

# Provide a socks5 server port for user apps to use

> use Tor but the last IP address is something other than the exit node?

You can also find and use exits that exit from some other IP than
their consensus OR IP.
Look up MAPADDRESS in tor docs, and some function to specify exits in torrc.

For this you will also likely want to bug Tor people to implement this
four year old feature...

# MAPADDRESS for IP ranges (CIDR, etc)
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