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Re: [tor-talk] Published bridge?

On Sun, Feb 05, 2017 at 08:15:07PM +0100, Maxxer wrote:
> A couple of days ago I've set up a new bridge. I've tested it in my config
> and works fine

Great! Thanks for setting up a bridge. :)

>, but I've doubts it's getting published on the bridge
> database.
> I've configured it on both IPv4 and IPv6, I've remotely tested IPv6 and the
> connection is established, but when I query the bridgedb for ipv6 only
> bridges it returns nothing.

Yes, bridgedb divides bridges up into different distribution
strategies, and one of those strategies is to give them out by
https://bridges.torproject.org/. For those bridges, it further divides
them up by where on the Internet you're coming from (for ipv4, it
divides by /16. For ipv6, I don't know what bitmask it picks).

So it is not surprising that you wouldn't find your own bridge on
https://bridges.torproject.org/ -- you are very likely not on an IP
address that would map to your bridge.

> How can I know if the bridge is published correctly?

You can search for your nickname or identity fingerprint on

If you allow javascript, atlas even sends your browser some javascript
that hashes the fingerprint before your browser sends it to atlas, so
atlas never learns the fingerprint (onionoo only stores a hashed version
of bridge identity fingerprints, since if you know the fingerprint,
you can ask the bridge authority for the bridge descriptor and learn
everything else about it).

(If you don't allow javascript, that's fine too -- you send your actual
bridge identity fingerprint to atlas, which hashes it and then discards
the original.)

> This is the node's torrc:
> ExitPolicy reject *:*
> RunAsDaemon 1
> ORPort 9123
> BridgeRelay 1
> ServerTransportPlugin obfs3,obfs4 exec /usr/local/bin/obfs4proxy
> ServerTransportListenAddr obfs3 [::]:443
> ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4 [::]:80
> ExtORPort auto
> PublishServerDescriptor bridge
> Is everything correct?

It looks promising!


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