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Re: [tor-talk] Tips of using Google over Tor

Thanks for your useful advice. One minor correction is in order:

On Mon, Feb 06, 2017 at 12:19:53AM +0100, m.ajiao@xxxxxxx wrote:
> - Visit https://startpage.com
> This is a privacy Google proxy in Germany.

Quote from https://www.startpage.com/eng/company.html:

    StartPage (www.startpage.com) is a privacy focused search engine,
    founded in New York and launched on the Web in 1998.

    Startpage.com/Ixquick.com is owned by Surfboard Holding BV, a
    privately owned Dutch company.

And from https://www.startpage.com/eng/protect-privacy-qa.html?#q20:

    Q: Where are StartPage's servers located?
    StartPage has server clusters in the Netherlands, Singapore and
    the United States. StartPage typically routes European searches to
    the European servers, American searches to the U.S. servers, and
    searches from other countries to the closest location. On the rare
    occasion that there is a problem in one facility, searches can
    briefly be handled by one of the other facilities.


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