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Re: [tor-talk] v3 Onion Services that host Mixmaster SMTP Nodes

> Interesting, How could you tell?

Same as any other service, try it.

> What node is this?

Best confirm with them.

is also up

> This is precisely why we need them because direct clearnet access in
> Whonix is not an option.

Using whonix is a local and reasonable choice, and a separate
factor from the former operational situation of tor or clearnet.

> I'm not interested in webmail or s services where you need to register
> to use. They are also a single point of surveillance/failure.

There are those central kind. And though not public services,
there are also lots of p2p (user to user) smtp onions. Plus a
number of non email messaging systems and protocols,
some distributed. Even this old protocol...

> The point is, many of them have pinger stat pages and I was wondering if
> there are some you know of that list an Onion as alternative access on
> their project sites.

Search and read / inquire of them, maybe more
of them will offer multihoming on the overlay networks.
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