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[tor-talk] Getting Involved in the Tor Project

Hi all, I'd like to get some more information on volunteering with and in the Tor Project. The website seems to be heavily geared towards developer and running nodes. However I'm not a developer and I'm going to be running my own node soon.

There is a section on the website for volunteering with other things:
- Create a presentation that can be used for various user group meetings around the world.
- Create a video about the positive uses of Tor, what Tor is, or how to use it. Some have already started on Tor's Media server, Howcast, and YouTube.
- Create a poster around a theme, such as "Tor for Freedom!"
- Create a t-shirt design that incorporates "Congratulations! You are using Tor!" in any language.
- Spread the word about Tor at a symposium or conference and use these Tor brochures in PDF and ODG format and translated to at least ten different languages as conversation starter.

These are all nice things and I've done some of them, but that's me doing it on my own. How would I actually get involved in the Tor Project itself short of being hired as an employee?

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