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[tor-talk] How to build circuits manually to request a different Tor exit IP address?


I am looking for a way to request a new Tor exit IP address *different*

- the one(s) currently in use by other active connections
- [if possible also] the one(s) used recently

Requesting a new identity is insufficient because it doesn't always
give a different exit IP address. To clarify: my aim is *not* to build
any malicious bot or anything like that.

I have been told that the proper way to do this is to "write a stem
script that builds circuits manually" and that this current list is the
right place to ask for help.

Although I have some small (non-professional) experience in writing
fairly simple scripts (PHP, JS, bash) I am not an expert (still a
beginner in Python) and this task is beyond my current capabilities.

I hope someone can help.
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