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[tor-talk] Borg SSH could not resolve hostname


I'm trying to run BorgBackup through Tor for some small backups.
Borg uses SSH for remote backups.

I installed Tor on my local and remote computers.
I configured an onion SSH service in the remote one, where my Borg
server is.
I can SSH the remote computer through Tor without a problem.

To run Borg, in my local script I have


and have "torsocks" before the "borg create" command.

That does the job, the backups are done,
however I am getting some name resolution error (please see below).

Do you have any advice?

Thank you!


ERROR torsocks[]: Unable to resolve. Status reply: 4 (in
socks5_recv_resolve_reply() at socks5.c:677)

Remote: ssh: Could not resolve hostname
Name or service not known
Connection closed by remote host. Is borg working on the server?
terminating with error status, rc 2


PS. I sent this message to the tor-onions mailing list, but I only
received an automatic message saying my message was waiting for
moderator approval. That was one week ago. That's why I'm sending it
here now.
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