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Re: Tor crashes

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 02:05:46PM +0800, bassclef@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Jan 02 05:21:00.952 [warn] conn_read(): Bug: unhandled error on read
> for OR connection (fd 376); removing

This one is fixed in CVS now too, btw.

> Jan 02 10:13:51.593 [warn] router_get_hash_impl(): couldn't find
> "network-status"
> Jan 02 10:13:51.593 [warn] router_parse_runningrouters(): Unable to
> compute digest of directory
> Jan 02 10:13:51.624 [err] c:\documents and settings\nick mathewson\my
> documents\src\tor\src\or\routerlist.c:1035: runnin
> g_routers_free: Assertion rr failed; aborting.
> Assertion failed: rr, file c:\documents and settings\nick mathewson\my
> documents\src\tor\src\or\routerlist.c, line 1035
> I'd appreciate any help rendered.

Thanks for reporting this! I've fixed it in CVS, and it will be in the bugfix release that comes out, uhm, sometime soon (once we've
worked through a few more of the bugs). Let us know if you encounter
any other problems.