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THIS Doesnt work for OSX Re: Potential attack by associating onymous & anonymous traffic

Repeat after me... tsocks neither compiles nor runs under OSX(libtool problems during compilation) and there is NO LD_PRE_LOAD under OSX.. NOR have I even been able to find even 1 socks 4/4a/5 client lib to compile under OSX..

  a tor user

Nick Nolan wrote:

I think the best solution would be to a have a tool which allowed you to
launch programs torified (via tsocks most likely) but with DNS and a
profile selection screen. The profiles could then plug in to different
SOCKS4A proxies running on the daemon, each with their own circuits.
Preferably this would be cross-platform and easy to use. I can look at
the tsocks code(*nix specific AFAICT) and try to improve it and then
write a wrapper. The code for running multiple SOCKS4A proxies(separate
threads?) should be relatively simple.
I probably won't be able to get to making tsocks more useful for a while
as I'm still a C/*nix programming novice.
Nick Nolan