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connection to server failed


I'm Klaus and this is my first post to this list. I already searched through google and the or-talk archive but found only a quite old article 
which doesn't help me.

What can I do to get tor running again on my local machine?

I use the gentoo ebuild of tor since Oct 2004 and worked fine since I opened some ports from the firewall (9001-9003 and 9030-9033). 
Now I use version and having troubles connecting to a server (see log below). 
Ports 9001-9033 (TCP/UDP) are right now open besides the usual 80,20,21,22,148,...
With Ethereal I can see that a SYN is made to a server and the server responds with a RST. So it does not
accept the connection anymore.
A directory is obviously be loaded since ~.tor/cached-directory is created and filled after deletion.

My question is: why? I have another server without any firewall connected directly to the internet and tor works great there. 
So I use privoxy localy connecting to port 9050 local which is a ssh tunnel to tor on the remote server. This is not a good thing because 
the servers purpose is not to have tor running :-)

The settings for FascistFirewall doen't have any affect, since the recomended ports are open:

FascistFirewall 1
FirewallPorts 80,22,9001,9002,9003,9004,9030,9031,9032,9033

Thanks a lot!


Jan 13 09:41:31.289 [notice] tor_init(): Tor v0.0.9.2. This is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
Jan 13 09:41:31.291 [info] connection_add(): new conn type App listener, socket 3, nfds 1.
Jan 13 09:41:31.337 [info] crypto_seed_rng(): Seeding RNG from /dev/urandom
Jan 13 09:41:31.722 [info] router_reload_router_list(): Loading cached directory from /home/leviathan/.tor/cached-directory
Jan 13 09:41:31.855 [info] directory_has_arrived(): A directory has arrived.
Jan 13 09:41:31.856 [info] choose_good_exit_server_general(): Found 63 servers that might support 0/0 pending connections.
Jan 13 09:41:31.857 [info] choose_good_exit_server_general(): Chose exit server 'winnie'
Jan 13 09:41:31.857 [info] connection_add(): new conn type OR, socket 4, nfds 2.
Jan 13 09:41:31.858 [info] conn_close_if_marked(): Cleaning up connection (fd -1).
Jan 13 09:41:31.858 [info] circuit_n_conn_done(): or_conn failed. Closing circ.
Jan 13 09:41:31.859 [info] connection_remove(): removing socket -1 (type OR), nfds now 1
tries to connect to many servers and giving up after some time

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