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(FWD) Using Tor with IRC/Chat clients

[Fwding to the list because Andrew isn't subscribed. Andrew, please post
next time from an address that is subscribed. -RD]

Andrew: Right, Privoxy only deals with HTTP. Your other applications are
presumably speaking some other protocol.

Can somebody here answer the question about sockscap?


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Subject: Using Tor with IRC/Chat clients
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:03:17 +0100
From: "Henry Andrew" <anhny@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have Tor .92 running fine with Privoxy 3.03 and Firefox 1.0, but when
I try to use my mail client or IRC client, then the connection always
fails through Privoxy).  I'm not really a network guru so it's quite
possible that i've totally misunderstood how it should be used:

Mail/IRC/MSN Messenger work fine through Tor on it's own, as I specify
Tor localhost:9050 as the Socks4 proxy, but Tor gives the message that
the IP is being leaked, so I try to forward it through Privoxy on
localhost:8118 to hide my IP, but in every case, the connection is
refused.  Does Privoxy only work with web browsers?  When I specify the
proxy address in my client application, I understand that I have to
choose a HTTP client when using port 8118 on Privoxy, like I did with

I have Sockscap so that I can run a non-socks client through that, to
socksify them, but  cannot remember now if Sockscap supports a Socks4a
proxy.  If it does, should I run my other apps through Sockscap and
choose Socks4a, even if the client itself already has support for
Socks4/5?  Is that how I should protect my IP when not using Privoxy?

Or have I misunderstood the usage of Privoxy??  How else can I protect
my anonymity with non-browser clients?  Btw, I am most interested in
IRC/chat anonymity, not mail--I just gave that as an example.

Andrew Henry

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