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RE: tor and xp debugging

On Tue 1/18/2005 7:58 PM Roger perpetuated the following advice.

--Note the "-l" vs "-1". Perhaps they look the same on your screen. :)



The "-" dash, and the "-" minus sign behave the same way.  And yes they do
look the same to me.

Why didn't I see that in the FAQ, I have been over that page a thousand

I am definitely having a problem with tor server and xp.  Never noticed it
when running tor client only.  Although I have not used bit torrent in quite
some time, I have had the exact same problem or at least the exact same
symptoms with many different bit torrent clients in the past.  This leads me
to believe it has to do with the way xp handles things.  The problem behaves
slightly differently when I recently tested it with Zone Alarm off.

More later...........