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Re: Compile problems on CVS Current under NetBSD

> From owner-or-talk-outgoing@xxxxxxxx Thu Jan 20 19:43:38 2005
> Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 14:43:25 -0500
> From: Nick Mathewson <nickm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Compile problems on CVS Current under NetBSD
> On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 07:12:56PM +0000, Gene ENonymous wrote:
>  [...]
> > At first I thought the only problem was a lack of libevent.
> > I installed version 0.9 as that is the default in the NetBSD packages col=
> lection.
> > (Though this was not required for teh previous versions apparently)
> > Anyway I installed it, but it didn't help.
> By "it didn't help" do you mean "I got the same messages about not
> finding libevent"?  Or did something else happen?

I should have been more clear, I got the same error message.

> > I took a look at the following lines in /usr/pkg/share/aclocal/pth.m4 per=
>  the
> > above warning messages:
> This is a problem with your autoconf installation, not with Tor.

I'll buy that, but I have a pretty vanilla installation of NetBSD 1.6.2
and other packages have autoconf'd just fine. tor autoconf's
fine... Have tor current taken things a new direction that just clashes?

I'm a little better than the average code monkey, but not deeply
experienced with managing configuration and build across platforms.
I grock, C, perl and shell scripts pretty good, but any pointers or
suggestions of things to try would be appreciated.

For instance, what version of autoconf do I need? I've got 2.59...

Again, any help appreciated.