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Re: Crash Logs for tor CVS Current built 1-21-2005

On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 11:30:05PM +0000, Gene ENonymous wrote:
> I rebuilt tor again 1/21/2005 21:10 EST and have had two crashes so far. 
> Are these crash logs at all useful and is this the place to send them?
>     Jan 21 23:50:47.312 [err] dnsworker_main(): writing answer failed. Child exiting.
>     Jan 22 15:43:13.466 [err] dnsworker_main(): writing answer failed. Child exiting.

No, these don't give us any hints at all of what was going on or what
caused the crash. These lines just say that the dns worker noticed the
main process died, so it exited too.

A core dump, or the last couple hundred lines of debug-level logs,
would be more useful.

Alas, we have a couple of known bugs in cvs that we haven't fixed yet. I
might suggest waiting a few weeks until we have time to track all these
things down. will hopefully work well enough until then. (Nick
and I are spending the next little while working on a paper to summarize
the current and future issues Tor needs to deal with.)