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TOR DNSBL - blacklist for Tor servers

Some EFNET irc-server has started using a Tor blacklist.
From http://www.sectoor.de/tor.php:
"Since nobody can control which ports are allowed on the exit servers
(the tor project itself denies smtp by default, but this can be changed)
it's a potential risk that someone abuses the tor network to hide his ip
while he's spamming around. 


Currently we list two types of hosts:
- IPs running a tor server itself
- Class C Networks they include a tor server


To protect yourself or your service against abuse from tor users, you
can use our DNSBL. Currently we just see some use of this list for a
few services like IRC Networks using BOPM. Since only a few nodes allow
outgoing SMTP connections, the usage of this list by smtp servers is
probably low."


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