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Re: and hidden services

On 2005-01-27 at 03:52:09, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> So, don't worry, we're still here, but for now Nick and I are working

Ok, I'm well trained in patience now :)  Thanks for the care!

> on design and writing down some of our ideas, in preparation for the
> upcoming PET submission deadline (www.petworkshop.org). In the meantime

Dubrovnik, now that's a nice place and quite far away...

> we are piling up the bug reports at http://bugs.noreply.org/tor so they
> don't slip through the cracks. We're betting that the Tor network won't
> entirely collapse by the time we get back to coding and can start to
> address these issues.

I see the paper progressing in CVS (which may be not in accordance with
the distribution terms mentioned on the conference page, BTW).  I'd like
to mention a few words about my opinion in the bittorrent/wikipedia
discussion (but hopefully not restart it! :).  So, there may be a few
technical measures to invent to thwart abusers, but limiting privacy to
those "worthy" for it is always a political problem, comparable to
censorship, and makes the sleeping privacy activist in me unhappy (cue
Rev. Martin Niemoller here).

It's interesting to think if humanity will ever be so advanced as to not
needing privacy enhancement techniques to grant privacy for anyone, or
if we will always need some of us depending on Tor-like networks to
hinder the less-noble...

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