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New beta version of TorDNS

Attempting to rectify the problem with TorDNS not always resolving hostnames when using the internet, TorDNS is now coded to hammer Tor resolve over socks function, making TorDNS a little more cpu intensive at times, but should insure better hostname to ip resolvements. The problem with using TorDNS and Tor to resolve hostnames to ip addresses (When TorDNS sometimes does not resolve them right away) is seemingly Tor itself, and not TorDNS. I encountered the same problem when using Tor_resolve, Tor would lose connection and retry on a new circuit, while using TorDNS or Tor_resolve. It is due to broken resolve over socks functions on the exit nodes (From what I was told). Also, TorDNS v1.7 listens on address instead of localhost. I hope this has fixed the problem with windows users that do not
have a localhost interface (win2k i.e.). The webpage is below


C. Wilson