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Re: migrating exit.pl from serifos:8000 to serifos:80

Geoffrey Goodell wrote:

In an effort to simplify and consolidate my computing infrastructure, I
am collapsing the two web servers running on serifos.eecs.harvard.edu
into a single web server.  Effective immediately,
serifos.eecs.harvard.edu:8000 is deprecated in favor of
serifos.eecs.harvard.edu:80.  Please migrate your links and automated
scripts for harvesting content on serifos.eecs.harvard.edu:8000.

In particular, the following URL:


is deprecated in favor of:


For now, both URLs work.  I plan to disable the server on port 8000 one
week from today, 19 Jaunary 2006.

Thank you for understanding, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


could you not simply create a redirector that pushes stuff from 8000 onto 80... oh, i may me remembering incorrectly, but can't apache be told to listen on more than one port anyway? idk, sorry if i'm talking out my ass.