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using OzymanDNS to access Tor via DNS

Since we have been discussing ways for people with limited Internet
access to make use of Tor, I decided to run a service on one of my hosts
that provides a free gateway to Tor via OzymanDNS.  I posted a web page
about it here:


Please check it out and send me comments.  Here is the overview:

Thanks to a nifty tool from Dan Kaminsky called OzymanDNS, we have
successfully constructed a gateway to the Tor network that allows an
arbitrary host to establish a secure connection to the Tor network even
if its upstream ISP filters all traffic except DNS requests. We provide
access to this gateway as a free service.

This means that if you and your laptop find yourselves in an environment
that forbids you from communicating with the Internet except to send and
receive DNS data, then you can still access network resources visible
via the Tor network. Performance is limited to a maximum of about 1.7
kB/s, which is comparable to the speed of a 14.4 kbps modem.




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