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Re: Spam sent to contact address


* Tor User <toruser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [060118 13:41]:

> I am wondering whether to put this down to the incopetence of the
> spammer(s), or whether there could be any possible reason for why they might
> have wanted to send me content-free messages after going into the effort of
> unscrambling the email address. I doubt they would have wanted to learn
> anything from an automated bounce message (which they would expect to come
> from gmail in any case) but cannot see any other explanation.

I don't think this is related to tor. It seems someone harvested
your email address from the status page and send you some garbage. I
have seen this form of spam as a part of a multipart message where
the plain text is used to confuse Bayes filters.

Maybe the spammer misconfigured his tool.

Why would anyone send just a couple words? Because they can I



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