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Bandwidth shaping by time of day / week / month? Adding that info to Tor protocol?


I'm new to the list. Perhaps this has been covered already, but are
there any plans to add cron-style bandwidth shaping options to Tor? I
mean using the common crontab notation for specifying arbitrary time
periods and bandwidth throttles within those periods. In my case, I want
a 20KB limit from 8am to 5pm Mon-Fri, no limit outside those hours. With
a cron-style implementation it'd be easy to do arbitrarily complex
shaping, i.e. cap Tor at 30KB on a specific night if a remote backup was
scheduled to occur, etc.

I'd like to ramp the rate on my end-node up to the full 50KB capacity of
the line when
I'm done using my ADSL connection for the day, but can't now do this
without stopping / restarting Tor, re-writing the config file, etc. Also
I'd prefer to keep my server up all the time in service of the overall
stability of the network.

Perhaps it'd add too much complexity, but the Tor protocol could perhaps
even take advantage of published cron-style bandwidth schedules to
optimize network throughput... a lot of the world is asleep while the
other part of it goes through the working (and playing) day.

Any comments on this? (I scanned the last 5 months of mailing list
archives "by hand" but found no mention. How do I search the mailing
list archives; I'm amazed there's not at least a rudimentary "Search"
field & button on the mailing list archive page.)


G. Osmond

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