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Socks/TOR setup question


I  use Tor, TorCP and Privoxy:

Privoxy listens on 8118
TOR requests are sent for http and https to on 8118,
and to on 9050 for the socks requests.

That works fine,  but  I am always receiving such message in the Log file: "[Warn] Your application (using socks4 on port 49370) is giving Tor only an IP address.  Applications  that  do  DNS  resolves themselves  may  leak information.  Consider  using  Socks4A  (e.g. via  privoxy  or socat) instead."

This message is created when any application uses the TOR server, no matter if I parameter it as a socks4 or socks5.

As I am already using Privoxy, what must I change in my config so that this message isn't generated? Moreover, must I setup my applications to use TOR as a socks4 or a socks5 server>

Thank you!