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Re: Switching Tor on and off on Mac OS X Tiger

With Safari there is no real solution (at least i dont know).
you could generate two "profiles" in the osx network configuration.
one with proxy, one without..

the bad thing is.. when changing the profile your connection is cut for some

this is why i use safari for normal surfing...

firefox with tor (and if i want to use firefox without tor i can simply
disable it via switchproxy).

Jean-Paul Desbruères schrieb:
> Unfortunately I am using Safari
> Le 26 janv. 06 à 16:56, numE a écrit :
>> Firefox + Switchproxy
>> Jean-Paul Desbruères schrieb:
>>> As using Tor slows down quite a bit web browsing and as going to the
>>> weather forecast site for instance does not really need a protection
>>> is there a simple way to switch Tor on or off on Mac OS 10 Tiger ?
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