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Re: Switching Tor on and off on Mac OS X Tiger

On 2006.01.26, at 11:00, Jean-Paul Desbruères wrote:

Unfortunately I am using Safari

Depending on what you're asking there are really two ways to control Tor when you're using Safari.

If you're talking about turning Tor on and off completely, the easiest way is to go to the "Network" System Preference panel and uncheck the proxy settings. As someone else suggested, you could also create separate network locations, one with proxies and one without, though switching locations would interrupt connections.

Something else you can try is adding hosts you want fast access to to the proxy exceptions list in the Network panel. Access to these will be fast, but not anonymous.

For both situations, you can also edit your Privoxy config file (/ Library/Privoxy/config). You can comment out the "forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 ." line to turn off Tor completely, or you can add lines below that to keep certain hosts from going through Tor. For example, I have the following lines in my config:

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .
forward .
forward . # Digitally Imported streaming music
forward   swcdn.apple.com . # Apple system updates downloads
forward   kh.google.com   . # Google Earth
forward   mail.google.com:443   . # Gmail
forward   en.wikipedia.org .