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Re: Tor & SELinux/SuSE 10 (also AppArmor question)

On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 05:16:35PM -0800, firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.5K bytes in 14 lines about:
: I have SuSE Linux 10, and the latest alpha of Tor. Due to SELinux, I 
: can't run tor as anything but root and have it work correctly. This 
: prompts me to ask the following two related questions:
: 1. How should I correctly configure SELinux on SuSE to be secure *and* 
: have tor have enough privelages to correctly download all the required 
: dir info, and
: 2. How can SELinux and/or Novell AppArmor be used to effectively lock 
: down and secure Tor and other potentially dangerous network programs?

	Two ways to do this:

	1) check out step four of

	2) profile it and come up with a better policy than I did. :)