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Tor talk in Boston this Thursday (MIT, Room 4-237, 7:30 pm)

Hi! I'm giving a tor-related talk this Thursday at MIT.  It's open to
the public.  You should come if you're in the neighborhood.

Anonymous Communications for Crypto Geeks, the U.S. Department of
Defense, and You

Nick Mathewson and Roger Dingledine

First half: Introduction to the theory and designs that make anonymity
networks work, and a discussion of the technical choices from the
earliest designs of the 1980s to today. Second half: Experiences
deploying anonymity, including backing, adoption, law enforcement
issues, abuse, anti-abuse measures, usability, co-existing with other
systems, censorious governments, and creating incentives for people to
help privacy. 

Thu Feb 2, 07:30-09:30pm, 4-237
Contact: Sherri Davidoff, W20-557, x3-7788, sipb-iap-lectures@xxxxxxx 

Nick Mathewson