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Re: choosing a syslog facility other than 'daemon'

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Matt Ghali wrote:

> Funny you should reply now- I spent the morning hacking on autoconf 
> and friends, so configure can be used to select a log facility; and 
> also, a useful method to point configure at libevent not located in 
> /usr/local/lib.
> I suspect that a "nicer" way to support other log facilities would 
> be to add support in config.c; which I may do instead, given the 
> time. Of course, given the lack of interest, I suspect that 
> compile-time would be good enough.
> I will make sure to send diffs if/when I get them working.

The libevent thing should be done in CVS HEAD.  Please test.

Also, configuring log facility at startup time seems like a nice thing
to have, so maybe if you sent in a patch it would get accepted.

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