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Re: IDS bells ringing

 I checked out most of them. I recognize that a few are probably false but some are not I am pretty certain. Yes, I understand that with a few thousand users there is going to be some of this activity. I rarely have any IDS hits from mormal use of the Internet, including surfing, email, games, chatting, etc.
On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:31:19 -0800
Chris Palmer <chris@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> patgus wrote:
> > Ok, not suprisingly I suppose my IDS is going nutso. As I have set
> > myself up as an exit node this probably means people are hacking
> > through tor. Guess that is to be expected. You all have got to do
> > something about this, as this would be a prime argument AGAINST this
> > kind of software. If our isps are shutting us all down there will not
> > be too many servers online.
> Apart from what Joe said, how many IDS hits have you actually checked 
> out? IDSs are notorious for false positives.