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Re: Removing TOR from Registry

To my knowledge, tor doesn't make registry entries but rather windows
makes logs of run programs. In addition it might be stored in a temp
folder. Most run-of-the-mill registry/disk cleaners will clean it up.
If you're worried about that kind of information, perhaps you should
consider making a "clean" backup and then every few days erasing your
HD and putting it back on. That way, you don't have to worry about the
data because it will be gone. I used this setup for a while and it
worked great for me if you need help doing it. In total for 30gb of
data, it takes about 20 min to backup/restore an image.
Ringo Kamens

On 1/2/07, Vincent BTinternet <vincentnls@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No disrespect to TOR users and all those who put in all the hard work to
make a reliable program (free more importantly) that innocent people can
use and I myself have enjoyed the privileges of trying to browse
anonymously as an extra security feature but once again I am having to
remove Tor and not look back for a while cos it does get in the way of
some of my other installed applications.
I use Windows not Linux which Tor appears to be better suited.

I have just recently solved a problem after my pc became corrupted and I
found privoxy blocking ads from my FTP client - I needed the latest
Macromedia Flash player.

Is there a command I can run in the command prompts to completely clear
TOR from my system or registry safely?

I reiterate, this is temporary and I do intend reusing TOR again
sometime in the future again.