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Re: more letters from the feds

I'm really sorry to hear about the persecution over there. This
certainly does seem like a campaign against tor. It's important to
remember that although it may seem like an us vs them situation, we
A few days ago I was surfing at our government's website and found something about electronic voting. They made a short study about e-voting issues and they are presenting some theoretical technical solutions for on-line voting system.

They found out there is oneparticular problem with online voting. That is a requirement for anonymous and secret voting. So they proposed to use anonymisation servers for on-line voting!

Uff, our government is writing that we need anonymisation servers for on-line voting!

OK, it is just a small study and our government has no plans for on-line voting yet, but it is nice to see, there are some people in government services who see a potential "market" for anonymisation systems.

So my question is: how german government officials see that question - to use anonymisation for e-voting at least?

bye, Matej