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Re: Block directory authorities, is it possible?

At 04:41 AM 1/12/2007, Pei Hanru wrote:
Well, Tor will finally recover here when the fibers are repaired. But
this reminds me of a possible attack against the Tor network, say, if
the notorious Great Firewall of China blocks *all* the connections to
*all* the directory authorities (currently 5 I believe), then Tor will
will become completely useless in China. Considering the number of
directory authorities, this doesn't seem to be infeasible. (In fact, I
think this is easy to some extent.)

Am I understanding correctly? Are there any actions Tor can take? After
all, we cannot simply assume this will not happen in the future.

You are correct that this is a vulnerability now. We're developing a blocking resistance strategy that should ameliorate this risk. Perhaps one of the developers will comment on this further.


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