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Re: Bandwidth limits

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 09:14:30AM -0700, Ringo Kamens wrote:

> How about using ToS filtering so all your traffic (like voip) gets
> higher priority that tor?

I've had a case in the (distant) past where an 0wned server of mine
on a residential ADSL line had a ridiculous ping (some 20-30 s, IIRC),
due to running a DDoS against some unknown target. (In fact, this
is how I discovered I had a system penetration problem).

Assuming this is an ADSL FIFO (assuming, there is such a thing,
I'm unfamiliar with my ISP's infrastructure) which is outside of my control
TrafficShaping wouldn't do much in the call's beginning, until the
FIFO would drain enough for the packet loss rate to subside, which
is what I presume is happening.

I think I will titrate the Bandwidthrate and Bandwidthburst
first, before mucking with firewall's traffic prioritization
(I'm running PfSense's Traffic Shaper wizard's default 
configuration right now, which is probably suboptimal).
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