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Re: Bandwidth limits

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 04:58:05PM +0100, Enigma wrote:
> So I switched to English and it tells me to put in my upload speed. So
> I tried out 40 kb/s maximum and 20 kb/s minimum and get the following
> error message each time I start my (middleman) server:
> Jan 12 16:54:38:703 [Warning] bandwidthrate unreadable or 0. Failing.
> Jan 12 16:54:38:703 [Warning] router_rebuild_descriptor(): Couldn't
> allocate string for descriptor.

Interesting. This looks like a bug. You're not supposed to see warnings
like that. Can you give us details -- what Tor version, what Vidalia
version (I assume that's what you mean by "the English version"),
what torrc options you picked, any other warnings you get, etc?

Are there situations that make the warnings always show up?

Can you narrow down what causes the warnings to show up and what doesn't?

> It goes on and on like that. I looked at the torrc file and it
> correctly saved what I typed in:
> BandwidthBurst 40960
> # A token bucket limits the average incoming bandwidth on this node to the
> # specified number of bytes per second.
> BandwidthRate 20480

Those look plausible.