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Another Write/Read Limiting Question

To the Tor developers (Or anyone qualified to answer):

I really don't know how reasonable this request is, but I thought 
I'd ask:

Would it be possible to make the Write/Read limiting not apply to 
connections to the Tor control port? I have noticed that since Tor, when write limiting was enabled, responses from the 
Tor control port seem to be throttled back (Which makes sense, 
technically, because it is the server "writing"). The problem is 
that on a busy server which runs right at its set BandwidthRate 
pretty much all the time, big requests of the control port that 
used to take 30 seconds might now take 15-20 minutes, or more, 
depending on circumstances. By "big requests", I mean a request 
like "GETINFO desc/all-recent" or "GETINFO ns/all". The reason this 
matters to me personally is that the Tor Network Status application 
/ website I wrote makes big requests of the local Tor server 
control port like this frequently. I might be wrong, but I would 
imagine it's entirely possible other Tor status or control 
applications may also do this.

Anyways, please let me know your thoughts. I would love to be in a 
situation to submit a patch for this myself, but my C skills are 
quite old and tarnished (That doesn't mean that I won't attempt it 
at some point. I just figured that it may be a quick fix for 
someone familiar with the code base, and therefore worth asking 
about first).

As always, thanks for all the great work on Tor.

Best regards,

Joe Kowalski