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Re: Warning Message

How can this be done?
On Sat, 12 Jan 2008 10:30:28 +0200, Drake Wilson <drake@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Quoth Khaled Moussa <khmoussa@xxxxxxxxx>, on 2008-01-12 10:26:33 +0200:
I installed, configured Tor as client & server and it's running ok except
of the following warning that appears frequently in log:
"Jan 12 09:27:35.640 [Warning] Your server ( has not
managed to confirm that its ORPort is reachable. Please check your
firewalls, ports, address, /etc/hosts file, etc."

OS: Windos XP Professional

Any clues on how to manage that are highly appreciated?

The message says "Please check your firewalls, ..., etc."  Have you
done this?  More specifically, have you confirmed that the Windows
firewall for whichever network interface is going to be receiving your
onion router connections will permit inbound connections on port 9001?

Khaled Moussa

   ---> Drake Wilson

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