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via ControlPort, postdescriptor w/ purpose=general fails

From the contolPort + API, I am able to grab descriptors of or's using,

GETINFO desc/name/[someNickName],

I am then able to parse these descriptors out of the response, and send these descriptors to other onion routers (ones, that are not fetching descriptors from the dirservers). At these disconnect or's, I attempt to post these descriptors via the controlPort as,

"+POSTDESCRIPTOR purpose=controller cache=no"+CRLF+desc+CRLF+"."+CRLF


"+POSTDESCRIPTOR purpose=general cache=no"+CRLF+desc+CRLF+"."+CRLF

However, when I post the descriptor with the latter (purpose=general), Tor trips an assert on line 3115 in routerlist.c. It seems to be indicating an error that did not recieve a proper log msg from the "attempted inserting" of the descriptor (the msg is null). If I set purpose=controller, the posted descriptor is accepted. My question is two fold: If a descriptor has purpose=controller, is there documentation somewhere that explains what significance this has on the desc / tunnels constructed through this or? Secondly, anyone else have this issue or might know of a work around (or cause, maybe)?

As always, any advice or comments would be most appreciated :)

Best Regards,