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Re: Input required on Secure Wiki project

--- Dominik Schaefer <schaedpq2@xxxxxx> wrote:

> first moment... Probably it is a really good idea to
> log the assigned IPs,
> just to have some own records (even if it is no
> proof). (But then again, IPs
> logged by some server is also no proof in itself,
> e.g. you can just put fake
> IPs or times in the log.)

One would think that perhaps just owning a windows box
(unfortunately I don't,) would be a good plausible
deniablity tactic for PC based crimes since one could
just claim that you were owned/hacked. :)

While this sounds like a joke, it does seem like we
are at the point where the average Joe non-technical
user cannot really be expected to know what his
machine is doing at all times, and one would expect
most real PC crimes to actually be committed that way.
 Afterall, a true criminal is not going use his own


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