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Tor is out

Tor and add a fifth v3 directory authority
run by Karsten Loesing, and generally clean up a lot of features and
minor bugs.


Changes in version - 2008-01-17
  o Compile fixes:
    - Make the tor-gencert man page get included correctly in the tarball.

Changes in version - 2008-01-17
  o New directory authorities:
    - Set up gabelmoo (run by Karsten Loesing) as the fifth v3 directory

  o Major performance improvements:
    - Switch our old ring buffer implementation for one more like that
      used by free Unix kernels. The wasted space in a buffer with 1mb
      of data will now be more like 8k than 1mb. The new implementation
      also avoids realloc();realloc(); patterns that can contribute to
      memory fragmentation.

  o Minor features:
    - Configuration files now accept C-style strings as values. This
      helps encode characters not allowed in the current configuration
      file format, such as newline or #. Addresses bug 557.
    - Although we fixed bug 539 (where servers would send HTTP status 503
      responses _and_ send a body too), there are still servers out
      there that haven't upgraded. Therefore, make clients parse such
      bodies when they receive them.
    - When we're not serving v2 directory information, there is no reason
      to actually keep any around. Remove the obsolete files and directory
      on startup if they are very old and we aren't going to serve them.

  o Minor performance improvements:
    - Reference-count and share copies of address policy entries; only 5%
      of them were actually distinct.
    - Never walk through the list of logs if we know that no log is
      interested in a given message.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - When an authority has not signed a consensus, do not try to
      download a nonexistent "certificate with key 00000000". Bugfix
      on 0.2.0.x. Fixes bug 569.
    - Fix a rare assert error when we're closing one of our threads:
      use a mutex to protect the list of logs, so we never write to the
      list as it's being freed. Bugfix on 0.1.2.x. Fixes the very rare
      bug 575, which is kind of the revenge of bug 222.
    - Patch from Karsten Loesing to complain less at both the client
      and the relay when a relay used to have the HSDir flag but doesn't
      anymore, and we try to upload a hidden service descriptor.
    - Stop leaking one cert per TLS context. Fixes bug 582. Bugfix on
    - Do not try to download missing certificates until we have tried
      to check our fallback consensus. Fixes bug 583.
    - Make bridges round reported GeoIP stats info up to the nearest
      estimate, not down. Now we can distinguish between "0 people from
      this country" and "1 person from this country".
    - Avoid a spurious free on base64 failure. Bugfix on 0.1.2.
    - Avoid possible segfault if key generation fails in
      crypto_pk_hybrid_encrypt. Bugfix on 0.2.0.
    - Avoid segfault in the case where a badly behaved v2 versioning
      directory sends a signed networkstatus with missing client-versions.
      Bugfix on 0.1.2.
    - Avoid segfaults on certain complex invocations of
      router_get_by_hexdigest(). Bugfix on 0.1.2.
    - Correct bad index on array access in parse_http_time(). Bugfix
      on 0.2.0.
    - Fix possible bug in vote generation when server versions are present
      but client versions are not.
    - Fix rare bug on REDIRECTSTREAM control command when called with no
      port set: it could erroneously report an error when none had
    - Avoid bogus crash-prone, leak-prone tor_realloc when we're
      compressing large objects and find ourselves with more than 4k
      left over. Bugfix on 0.2.0.
    - Fix a small memory leak when setting up a hidden service.
    - Fix a few memory leaks that could in theory happen under bizarre
      error conditions.
    - Fix an assert if we post a general-purpose descriptor via the
      control port but that descriptor isn't mentioned in our current
      network consensus. Bug reported by Jon McLachlan; bugfix on

  o Minor features (controller):
    - Get NS events working again. Patch from tup.
    - The GETCONF command now escapes and quotes configuration values
      that don't otherwise fit into the torrc file.
    - The SETCONF command now handles quoted values correctly.

  o Minor features (directory authorities):
    - New configuration options to override default maximum number of
      servers allowed on a single IP address. This is important for
      running a test network on a single host.
    - Actually implement the -s option to tor-gencert.
    - Add a manual page for tor-gencert.

  o Minor features (bridges):
    - Bridge authorities no longer serve bridge descriptors over
      unencrypted connections.

  o Minor features (other):
    - Add hidden services and DNSPorts to the list of things that make
      Tor accept that it has running ports. Change starting Tor with no
      ports from a fatal error to a warning; we might change it back if
      this turns out to confuse anybody. Fixes bug 579.

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