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Re: filesharing with tor and offsystem online storage

On Sunday 20 January 2008 00:38:35 Michael Schmidt wrote:
> Hi please have a look at the http://offsystem.sf.net
> If you want to distribute a file anonymously, upload it into the Offsystem
> and send the OFF-Link over Tor.
> That allows Tor to do anonymous Filesharing without any Bandwidth for the
> system.
> Offsystem is a kind of uncensorable Online Storage Hard Disk.
> Mike

There don't appear to be any source tarballs and looking at the cvs repository 
only the project members could possibly know how to put the many modules 
together. There don't appear to be any revision tags either. And there's no 
build documentation in plain sight.

That is seriously shoddy for an open source project. I'm sure offsystem is 
almost all that it says it is but the lack of all of the above make it as 
near a black box as your average closed source application. Annoying.

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